Undone Homework, Missing socks and Daily Miseries of Life

I have been alive for 17 years now (I now feel obligated to insert all the hoopla concerning how people born in 1990-1999 have lived in two decades, two centuries and two millenniums and are not even 18 yet…) and have managed to survive through some pretty crappy moments and embarrassing situations. And considering the fact that I am pretty much jobless most of the time not living the productive workaholic life that I aspire to live one day, I spend most of the time whining and complaining reflecting upon those embarrassing moments, trying to figure out exactly what I did to deserve all that crap  I learnt from those experiences. So anyway, I have decided to tell you about ten of the gazillion  few lessons life has taught me. Why? Because I am really bored.

In no particular order…

Lesson #1 When you are in the middle of a heated online argument, and you type out a massively and brilliantly intelligent comeback, you will notice that you were not typing in the box and none of what you typed out in a super accelerated speed that you acquired due to adrenaline rush, was actually getting typed.

Lesson #2  The idea of hiding chocolate in your wardrobe is NOT a good idea.

Lesson #3 When your crush gets to know that you like him/her and asks you if it’s true and after you vehemently deny it, you text your friend about how he/she got to know about you having a crush on him/her through the grapevine but you totally denied it, you will end up sending it to your crush by mistake, and no matter how urgently you ask your phone to “CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL! DO NOT SEND!!“, the text will be delivered to him/her.

Lesson #4 If anything falls in the bathroom, it will fall inside the W/C.

Lesson #5 When the favorite part of your favorite movie is just about to come, somebody will distract you and you will miss it. This, however, will not happen if you are watching it on a DVD or a VCD or on the net or on any medium where you can rewind it and watch it again.

Lesson #6 One sock always manages to disappear.

Lesson #7  When you finally get all comfortable in bed, snuggled under your blanket, the temperature of the room is absolutely perfect and your pillow feels amazingly comfortable and you have even remembered to turn the lights off, you will suddenly have the need to drink water and the bottle will be nowhere near your reach.

Lesson #8 Kicking the computer never helps.

Lesson #9 The one day that you don’t do your homework, your teacher will ask for it.

Lesson #10  No matter how hard you try to walk carefully past a bunch of people playing some kind of ball game, the ball will find your face to land on.




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