Capsicum. Yes, That’s What I’m Posting About Nowadays.

Today, while taking a shower, a thought came to me. Yes, I seem to do a lot of deep thinking under the shower. That, or sing. But only when nobody’s home. I don’t want to be blamed for anybody’s bleeding ears. I’m blamed for enough as it is.
But, back to my very significant thought. I realized, that when I was a kid, I despised capsicums. Absolutely loathed it. I used to make faces at it (and the cook) whenever it found it’s way to my plate. But now, I love it. I love capsicums. Maybe its a grown up thing or something. Or, maybe I simply learned to love it. So, my brilliantly significant deep thought is, that maybe that’s how it works for life! And people. Maybe, we just learn how to love people who get on our nerves as well! I mean, there are many people whom I used to hate, but now I don’t. They somehow managed to claw themselves through my last nerve right into my heart. Like they say, there’s a thin line between love and hate.
Ok, now my deep thought doesn’t sound so brilliant anymore.
Anyway, I guess I’ll just shut up then.
But wait! I just remembered something else! When I was just learnung how to cook, I somehow managed to explode a capsicum! Yes! Explode! It actually went BOOM! And then splattered all over the kitchen counter and refrigerator and chimney and shelves. It was not very easy to clean it. But exploding capsicum? So cool.

I can’t believe I just wrote an entire blog post about capsicums.


6 thoughts on “Capsicum. Yes, That’s What I’m Posting About Nowadays.

  1. i can’t believe it either 😛 not about the fact that you wrote this post but that you blew up that unfortunate capsicum which had done nothing to have the misfortune to end up with the only person in this world (that I know of) who can blow up capsicums…!

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  3. Stranger, i had this exact thought not half an hour ago! I was hoping someone on yahoo answers would be able to relate to my insane thought. I wasnt expecting a blog post though! Good to know im not alone. Have a good one!

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