The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Hello my fellow earthlings!
Ok, don’t ask me what that’s about ’cause I don’t know.

For the past couple of days, I’ve had absolutely nothing to do. So like any other teen, I’ve resorted to Facebook to pass my time. I mean, a little Facebook stalking the ex-boyfriend doesn’t hurt anyone now, does it? But when I was done stalking their walls and pictures, I decided to aimlessly surf around a bit. And nowadays all those pages with funny pictures all over them are so popular. All the memes and all. Weird pages, I tell you… I mean, pages like “The guy above me has been raped by Justin Bieber” or “I can talk in hyperlinks as well” are just dumb, if you ask me. Funny, but dumb.

Anyway, so I came across LOADS of pictures of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. Heard of him? Yes? No? Well, I’ll tell you what he’s all about. He is the new face of the world wide web. Nah, just kidding. But he’s damn famous. And no, he’s not  famous for being a movie star or a singer or a band member or director or producer or instrumentalist or anything of that sort. He’s famous for being ridiculously photogenic. Yes, you heard me right. Well, read me right…


Here’s the story- Zeddie Little, a guy whos photograph was taken while he was competing in the 10km Cooper Bridge run in his hometown of Charleston. And even mid-run, his photo was perfect. A million dollar smile, the sun highlighting his perfect hair, looking all happy and non-sweaty. Basically, even in a random photo of his which was clicked while he was running, he looked better than I would if I posed for the camera.  Honest. Ridiculously photogenic, I tell you.

Mr Little said: ‘It was a fluke to be honest. We figured it out…I was running and waving at a friend who was on the sidelines. I turned around and I caught a camera lens… and that’s history.’

The photo was uploaded and he literally became popular overnight. One photo. Beats my 600 photos on  Facebook, hands down. Bleh.
He is now known as the Riduculously Photogenic Guy. He showed up on a morning show on national TV as well! For being photogenic! Beat that! Talk about being at the right place at the right time… His photo has been the source of memes as well. Check ’em out





I know. Tell me about it…


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