Living The Productive Workaholic Life

Today, I have decided to let you guys know what an average Indian college going girl does on an average day. Why? Cuz I have nothing better to write about. So here goes…

I started recording from midnight.

12:00- message friend on whatsapp.

12:05- stuff buttons, ribbons and other cutesy stuff into a random pouch for accessory making workshop in college. For which I have to stay back in college after classes. Till 6pm. -_-

12:07- Listen to Colby caillat sing about how the clueless dimwit should just bloody realize how perfect they’d be together. Hah. Fat chance, Colby.

12:10- message friend on whatsapp. Discover a picture of my English notes posted on Facebook. Want to see why? Here’s why.


12:14-type the above information of absolutely no consequence whatsoever down in my mobile phone because I dont have a laptop.

12:17-contemplate taking a bath. Because im bored.

12:19- laugh at image friend sent on whatsapp when informed about my plan to take a bath.

12:20- type the above blah blahs down.

12:20- listen to Drive By by Train and sing along like a tone deaf walrus without a single flying fuck to give.

12:26- listening to Eric Clapton singing about Layla. Oh, that voice!

12:07- getting increasingly tired of writing this.

12:10- read book by Julie James

2:15- decide to sleep since have to wake up at 7

8:05- wake up and promptly fall out of bed.

8:07- look at the time on my mobile phone even though wearing a watch and launch into Flash mode.

8:30- complete morning ablutions

8:34- sit in the car and thank god that  classes start at 9.15 today unlike at 8:30 like every other day.

8:57- reach college.

9:03- talk about Viagra for some unfathomable reason.

9:10- get The Look from some random teacher passing by our class. We might have been making a little

noise… A little.

9:19- type the above.

9:30- pretend to pay attention and take down notes.

10:00- free!! Drink 3 cups of coffee.

10:25- chill in common room.

12:00- break!! Luch time!!

12:30- practice le catwalk for fashion show. Which we have to do. For our freshers party. WE perform on OUR freshers party.

12:30- go to common room and chill.

3:15- classes overrr!!!

3:16- laugh over my English notes with friends.

3:20- go for workshop.

3:24- start making bows to stick em on hairbands.

5:00- workshop over!! Home, here I come!

5:15- discover that neither of the rents can pick me up.

5:19- start walking towards Park Street crossing for a cab.

5:35- FINALLY get a cab.

5:37- stare our the cab window.

6:00- whatsapp!

6:30- still whatsapping!

7:00- read Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James

11:05- send all this to my email from the notepad thingy I used to write this in my mobile on.

11:08- type the above few lines while listening to Rob Thomas

11:10- check Facebook

11:11- wonder why I keep checking Facebook cuz I hardly get any notifications anyway. You know, ones

I’d actually want to bother to check.

And that is pretty much how an average day in my life is spent. And YOU just wasted 2-3 minutes of your life reading this crap. Oh well…
Here’s a picture of a shaved llama. Image

And this,


And this.


And lastly, this.


Okay bye.


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