I will whine. Because I can.

Well, this is frustrating. I have written and rewritten the first line of this post at least five times now. This is the sixth attempt. I just can’t find an appropriate way to start this! So much for studying English for 15 years now. I’m just gonna say it. I’m jealous. Incredibly horribly and utterly jealous. Not of any particular person though. Just of people in general. I’m just so frustrated with life at the moment! And to be honest, I shouldn’t be. I have a lot to be thankful for. Like water. Oxygen. Family. Friends. Nail polishes. Clothes. Shoes. Chewing gum, which I can’t have because of braces. AC. Books. A home. IPod. A phone. Freedom. Legal rights. You get my drift? No? Okay. I kinda lost my drift too. Anyway, even though I have a LOT to be thankful for, petty things are making me feel down. Like the fact that I’m STILL stuck in my hometown. So many of my friends have gone to other states for college. So many of them even went abroad to study. And I’m still here. And this city is suffocating me now. I so horribly want to get out of this city. But I can’t. Mainly because I’ll lose out on my education cuz the only way I’m getting out of here right now is by running away. And that ain’t gonna do no good. I’ve to finish my graduation here. Speaking of which, I’m in a girls college, which I’ve already whined about far too many times. I love my new friends, but hate the college. I mean, we are not allowed to use our cell phones in the college building! Wtf?! I mean, it makes sense if they dont allow us to use it in class, but the entire bloody building?? Really? And, I can’t even bunk. If we bunk a day, we have to write a note and give it to our principal, who is incidentally a NUN. She will sign the note and then we have to get that signed note signed by EVERY other teacher who teaches us. And if we bunk a specific class, the next day, that teacher is gonna ask for the leave note and then you’re fucked because the nun is gonna give you grief about bunking classes. Even bunking is tedious!
THEN there’s the not-so-relevant issue about me not having a boyfriend. Which is sort of cool cuz there’s zilch drama in my life at the moment. But still, when some of my friends talk about their boyfriends and get all mushy and cute while yapping about them, I just get a wee bit jealous. I mean, I want all the cute stuff too! But still, I guess I can do without it.

And now my fingers are aching from typing so I’m gonna stop. Yes, I’m just that lazy. Also, I think that’s enough whining for a day.

Here’s a funny picture to make up for the gibberish above.


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