A Message to an Ass.

Rahul. I have no other way of contacting you. -_-
I dont have your phone number. Do you even HAVE a phone at the moment? Did you buy that Shitty Samsung? And if you have a phone, dont you think you should install whatsapp asap and message me? Huh? I have NO way of contacting you!! How will I know if you are dead or alive?? How will I give you blood if you need it? Huh?? Idiot! Get a goddamned phone fast!! I refuse to use up another blog post to reach you! And I know you’re reading this cuz I got a notification saying you “liked” the last one. So obviously you have access to the internet. Therefore, CONTACT ME ANYHOW, you nincompoop! >_<

No, I dont really have anything important to say to you. I just haven't talked to you for a while. 😛


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