Dear Rapists,

Yes, I am a woman. I am sorry that my gender causes you to behave in such an unforgivable manner. I am sorry for being out on the roads when it is dark. I am sorry for not considering the fact that you might be drunk and may not be able to control yourself. I am sorry for wearing jeans and t-shirts without considering the fact that they provoke you. Although, if I might say so, your gender seems to be wearing similar clothing and I don’t see any of you facing this. But my sincere apologies for not knowing that the sight of my arms and feet make you feel so helpless against your carnal desires. I am sorry that you do not get women who might want to engage in amorous activities with you unless you hold them against their will. I am sorry that you feel so powerless that you must exercise brute control over members of my gender to feel like a man. I am sorry that even little girls who haven’t even reached the age of five provoke you so much.
I am glad that my helplessness makes you feel good about yourself. I am glad that you manage to roam so freely in society, exercising your control over us to the fullest without suffering any consequences. I am glad that my government is kind enough to let you go unscathed every time.
I am sorry for the inconvenience the media cause you sometimes. I am sorry that they manage to make such a hype about it that the entire nation comes together every once in a while to protest against your existence. But I bet you are glad that after a couple of protests, it all dies down. That the enthusiasm is lost. That we all eventually forget and just be thankful that it wasn’t us this time. I bet you love your freedom and our government. I know you feel lucky when you rape a woman and nobody finds out. You love the fact that we do not have the courage to go up to the police and lodge a complaint. You must love the inefficiency of our police force. The few victims of yours who do manage to complain, get blamed themselves. For wearing short clothes or being out all alone despite the knowledge of such dangers. Don’t you just love how everybody gets blamed except for you? I bet you do.
Anyway, I just wanted to apologize for being a woman. I am sorry for the feeble fights we put up against you when you force yourself onto us. And I am extremely sorry for your filthy mindset. I understand that this is not your fault. It is just the way god has made you. You are a man and you are powerful. You must show it to the world somehow. And what better way than this? This is how you show that you are powerful, that no matter how educated I am, how smart I am, how strong I am, you will still be stronger and more powerful. You will have the upper hand. You will win. You have been winning for centuries and you shall be winning for centuries to come. I bow to you. Please accept my sincere apologies.

Yours fearfully,
A woman.


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