Look, people!!

My mother made me a sweater jumper whatever the hell it is that you call it there where you live!


So anyway, what’s up? It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything new. Right? I think so anyway.. Oh! My French results are out! I got a very sucky 68% 😛
For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I took a crash course in French. I gave my viva, which was disastrous and the written exam pretty much sucked too. I made up as many French sounding words that I could and, well, THAT was that.
Ah well, I have to go and complete my project now. Not project exactly, file work for the experiment that we had to do for psychology. Nothing interesting. I honestly don’t know why I even wrote this post. -_-


2 thoughts on “Look, people!!

  1. I too have been learning french. Making new french-sounding words is the most satisfying part of learning it, not to mention the joy of watching your teacher trying hard not to laugh hearing them.
    Sample this, I have already fermed motre cahier, je suis angry at vous, Don’t try to s’il vous plait me!! etc etc…:P

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