The Bane of My Existence: Exams

WHY must we have exams? I am unable to enjoy the lovely weather because of it!! Well actually, that might be because I’ve been stuck to my new laptop all day long like a leech on a cow and the only times I managed to have the beautiful cool breeze run through my now oh-so-short hair were the times I actually ventured out of my room to go to the bathroom to pee. No, I haven’t taken a bath. Yes, I am a filthy girl.

AND I have an exam tomorrow.  

I have not yet opened my books. Actually, I don’t even own a single psychology book! i just have some scattered notes here and there. Which I opened yesterday and promptly fell asleep. I opened them today as well, in the morning. And then my laptop seduced me. So, I am flunking, that is for sure. 

I was actually considering giving up studies altogether and becoming a stripper instead. But I don’t think my father is going to be too happy about that…. 

So perhaps I should go study right now. I don’t see any reason why I should, though. It’s not like I will be able to complete my syllabus anyhow. So since I know I will flunk anyway, might as well have fun and not study at all!



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