Tattoos and Bad Haircuts

I just realised, I never told you guys that I have two tattoos! Well, I do. Got them about a year or so ago. Here they are, excuse that bad picture quality.


Thats the first one. No, it’s not because I’m a Linkin Park fan. Just that the phrase from the song kinda stuck and I completely believe in it. It’s true, the little things do give you away, you can never hide something forever.  The second one says Alis volat propriis, which means she flies with her own wings. Why is it in Latin? Because the first one was in English and people read it and kept asking me what it meant and I got really irritated. I mean, it’s in English!! If you can read it, you should be able to comprehend it! So I got the next one in Latin because they were gonna ask what it meant anyway, so might as well make their question seem a little intelligent. A least this time they would have a reason to ask. Hence, the Latin tattoo.


Weird thing was, people always say that tattoos in bony areas hurt more than tattoos in fleshy areas. It was the opposite for me. The tattoo on my back hurt waaaay less than the one on my leg. In fact, after the first one, I was so happy to learn that tattoos don’t hurt that I told everyone that they should get one, because they don’t hurt! Then while getting the second one, it hurt so bad that I spent the entire time texting everybody that if I ever tell them that tattoos don’t hurt, NOT to believe me cuz they hurt like a rabid bitch. Because it did. Anyway, I’m gonna get a third one soon! A Phoenix this time, on my back. I’ll post a picture when I get it done!
Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, I got the worst haircut ever in the history of worst haircuts ever. I already had short hair, but it was becoming kinda uneven so I went for a TRIM. But obviously, the dude had an epileptic fit while giving me the trim because my hair is now shorter than ever. And I cried. Literally. I don’t understand why these hairstylists just refuse to listen to what I want them to do!! Why do they have to exhibit all sorts of creativity one would need to design sodding crop circles, on my head? I hate hairstylists.


2 thoughts on “Tattoos and Bad Haircuts

  1. The trick is always lie about how much hair you want them to chop off, that why when they do hack away at your hair and ignore your comments. It’s not so bad.

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