Birdie-Love Problems

I am back!! And I have a story to tell.

So, my mother has gone a little bird-crazy these days. You know, like the cat lady? Yeah, she has become a bird lady. We now have 22 birds in our house. And man, are they noisy or what… They go ON chirping and squawking and probably abusing each other in bird-language ALL DAY LONG. And then, they start all over again in the night. It is annoying, to say the least. The only saving grace is that they are adorable. Therefore, try as I might, I cannot bring myself to ask them to shut the hell up. So, whenever I get bored, I sit in front of the birds and observe them. Psychology student, you see. So here are my observations.

My mom first got a pair of lovebirds, one peacock blue and one canary yellow. They are beautiful! And their color is just so vibrant! And they were absolutely in love with each other! Look!


Then one day, she got another pair of lovebirds! Both olive green in color. And even they are spectacular! But, one of those olive green birds, let’s call him Stifler for now, started flirting with the blue one! (We shall call the blue one Bella.)  And every time the yellow one (let’s call him Ron, with reference to the Kim Possible character!) tried to come closer to Bella, Stifler started hitting him!! And the other olive green bird (we’ll call her Damsel) was refused any shred of attention by Stifler, and she refused to entertain any conversation with Ron.  So the, Stif and Bella started hanging out together and Ron and Damsel spent their days sitting on two extreme corners of the cage. This disheartened my mother, so she got this brilliant idea, that if she bought another pair of lovebirds, maybe they would sort it out! As in, even out the trapezium or make brand new pairs! So she bought another pair of cobalt blue lovebirds, and lo behold! Stif started flirting with one of the new blue birdies! And the other new blue bird started flirting with Damsel! So now, it is Stifler and Cobalt Blue Bird number 1, Damsel and Cobalt Blue Bird number 2, a very pissed off Bella and a very lonely Ron.

So, there you go. Bird dynamics. God, I’m thoroughly confused.

Anyway, my new haircut doesn’t look half as horrible as I convinced myself it does.


So I guess I owe the hairdresser a couple of mental apologies for the mental abuse. Okay, bye.


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