What, did you walk into a pole?

I have not been having good days for some time now. My stars are not aligned in my favor, again. Not surprising though, I really am used to it now.

Let me tell you about the most recent thing that happened to me; we have been conducting workshops on stress and on communication, in various organisations. So a couple of days ago, we went to this hotel to conduct the workshop for the employees. In the evening, when we were leaving, i had to call one of my professors to speak to her. So everyone sat down and were waiting for the cab and i was dialing the number and walking. And then the phone started ringing and i kept walking. And then i walked into a sign board. Made of iron. Rusted iron. And then i turned around to look at my friends and nobody even realized what happened, so i went to them and told them i hit my head. They said they heard a noise and assumed something fell. It was me, of course. Then i turned around and spoke to my teacher. After which i realized my forehead was bleeding. So i now have a cut on my swollen forehead, and a swollen arm courtesy tetanus vaccination. Life is a jungle.


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