Oh, The Joy of Blabbering About Myself…

Wait, let me come up with something that sounds oh-so- intellectual and sophisticated to say…..

I’m a girl. (Just mentioning, in case your doubts were not cleared even after seeing my profile picture. And yes. Thats my level of intellectual sophistication) I’m pretty normal. As far as normalcy in todays generation goes. I would like to say I’m brilliantly awesome and interesting, but I know me, and I’m so not. I’m a fairly girly girl (minus the pink obsession and the annoying habit of saying “Oh my GAWD!!” every two minutes.) I am a true gemini, which makes me easy to talk to, non-boring (okay, maybe I’m a little boring..) self-conscious, sarcastic, two faced multi-tasker. Deal with it. I like funny, witty, smart and sarcastic people. And… My favorite color is blue, in case anybody is interested in knowing…
I’m from India (insert all the good stuff about my country) and no, I have never and probably will not ever ride an elephant. (A guy from America asked me this question. Nice guy and all but Jesus, the stereotypes people can come up with!)
I started blogging recently, because the idea of it seemed so amazing! Also because I get to say whatever I want and at least someone or the other reads it. šŸ˜€
I like writing, but I’m not a very good writer. I hope someday I do become a good writer…
And that’s it. I don’t want to type anymore. Yes. I’m lazy. Okay thanks bye!

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