Rabid Rooster, Malicious Microwave and Totally Terrific Tinker Bell!

Hello people!  I have two incidents to tell you about! One is a rooster incident and the other one I JUST forgot.  Hopefully it will come back to me while I type the rooster incident up.

So, my friend Aaheli was chased by a rooster. I kid you not. There was a rooster in front of the staff residential quarters of IHM (Institute of hotel management, for those who are not familiar with my blog :P). Why the rooster was there is beyond me, apparently it’s a pet. Why someone has a pet rooster in a college campus is once again, beyond my comprehension.



So anyway, I went closer to him, completely amazed by his presence, and decided to click a picture. After clicking a couple of pictures, I decided to pet him. Aaheli was quietly standing, far away from me and the rooster. As I went closer to him to pet him, HE KICKED ME. He KICKED me and fell down! And I got scared so I ran! I ran behind Aaheli and he chased me! However, after I hid behind Aaheli, he decided to peck her instead. Because going all the way around her to peck me was a little too much exercise for him, I guess. So, he pecked Aaheli a couple of times, after which she gave up trying to shake him off and ran. Screaming all the way.  Ran for almost 50 meters and the rooster chased her all the way! I just sat down where I was standing and laughed and laughed till I couldn’t breathe! Finally the gardener saw her and threatened the rooster with a hose and the rooster came back, upon which I staggered away and hid behind a car. It was hilarious. I laughed for the rest of the day and she just huffed about the injustice of the whole thing, grumbling about how I was the one harassing him and how she had done nothing but stand there. It was HILARIOUS. I wish I recorded it. But I was too busy trying to breathe!

I have still not managed to remember what the second incident was. 😛

Oh oh, it was Shreya’s  birthday on 24th and I baked a red velvet cake, which did not really taste like a red velvet cake. (No, this is not the second incident.) But she loved it anyway. So, I’m happy. 😀 The cake actually looked pretty amazing after I baked it. Then by the night, the sides had become biscuit so I had to cut off the sides, so it became really tiny. I blame the microwave oven. And then I drenched it in chocolate sauce and made it all pretty with gems and tiny silver balls. Here, look!     


Oh, my exams are fast approaching now. Finally. All my friends have started studying. I don’t know where half my notes are and I’m not even trying to look for them yet. I’m so gonna end up in deep shit. Oh, well.

Oh, have I shown you my new tattoo?? It’s tinkerbell!! Because she is my favorite Disney character! She is a magic, she is pretty, she falls in love with the wrong people (i.e. Peter Pan), she gets jealous, she makes wrong decisions, she makes mistakes, but she manages to do the right thing in the end anyway. And I love her. ^_^



Okay, bye. 😀


How NOT to Bake Cookies

Yesterday, at around 1 AM, I had this sudden urge to bake cookies. Now that was a bad idea for several reasons. The topmost  being that I can’t bake cookies. Not to mention the several kitchen disasters that I have had till date, like the capsicum incident and this one occasion where I had tried to microwave rice and it came out completely charred and the “microwave safe” bowl was sporting a hole.

So anyway, I lugged my ass out of bed and dragged it to the kitchen and took out all the ingredients. I did not even drop anything! Well, except a teensy bit of flour. But we shall have to overlook that. Anyway, then I mixed all the stuff, following the recipe to the T (except when the dough became too runny so I just added another cup of flour and then a cup of sugar to balance it out), and shoved it into the microwave. Easy peasy, right?

Wrong. It was seven different kinds of disasters. First, the microwave started  making sounds like a dying walrus. I don’t even know how it managed that! Then, 8 tiny cookies almost expanded into one huge giant cookie. When I opened the microwave a cloud of smoke greeted me, along with a deliciously burnt smell. And my beautiful cookies looked like animal droppings. I’m not even kidding. See for yourselves.


Even holding one in front of pretty flowers did not make it look nice.


So, the first batch was a complete disaster. In the next batch, I added loads of chocochips to the dough and baked it for 30 minutes instead of 15, as per the recipe. And the result was AWESOME! But I still didn’t manage to control the random expansion  so I just made one giant cookie and broke it into 5-6 pieces! 😀 The cookies came out really well, actually. My brother and father and neighbors loved it! My mother is at her mother’s place at the moment, so she missed my cookies, which I shall now consider to be the best thing to grace the earth with it’s presence since blueberry cheesecake! Here, look at my giant cookie!! 😀
Awesome or what? 😀