Day before yesterday, our driver left the new car ( Renault┬áDuster!!!) in reverse gear by mistake and shut off the engine and left it in dad’s office. So when dad came and started the engine, the car rolled backwards and slammed into a wall and now the car’s ass had gone for a toss. Poor Vijay bhaiya (our driver) got a scolding.

Then, after swimming, I came out of the shower and went out to go home and a crow shat (is that the past tense for shit? what is the past tense for shit?) on my head. A CROW SHAT (?) ON MY HEAD. Right after I had shampooed.
Then, I lost a diamond earring. It is also a very bad sign, superstitiously speaking.
Then, the next day, our washing machine started leaking.
Then after some time, our aqua-guard stopped working.
Then in the evening it was raining, so I went to the terrace, happily got drenched and came back down, only to find that all the towels had been washed (before the machine went for a toss), so all of them are wet. ALL THE TOWELS.
Then I slipped and fell because I was wet and tiles are slippery and have this pent up rage saved for me and my poorly coordinated limbs.

How cool, no?
And one of our lovebirds had a baaaabyyyy!!!!! LOOK!!Image

That is it. That is all i have to report.

Oh, and yesterday, Mexican Chocolate and I went to this cafe called Choco Cafe and good lord, the food was so BLEH. He nearly killed me because I was the one who dragged him there. In my defense, one would think that a place named Choco Cafe would be good… Apparently not. ­čśŤ

AND, I am going through a  RED phase. I LOVE RED.


Okay, BYE! ^_^


Living The Mills & Boon Life. Not.

Today, my best friend Ritwika and I were pondering upon very important happenings. Or the absolute lack of it, actually. What was this very important question that we were pondering upon? Why we have not yet managed to get a boyfriend. I mean, we are not too revolting to look at, nor are we absolutely boring to talk to. We have a decent personality. And are pretty much awesome, you know. We have a sense of humour as well. And are sarcastic to the core. Which I guess is not a very appealing thing, but still. Most of the people surrounding us are too dim to get sarcasm anyway. So back to the question, why are we still single? Could it be because our wavelengths don’t match with others’ wavelengths? Or are we just simply hopeless? We are to guys what smoke is to bees! We just drive them away! I honestly don’t know how we manage to do it. Continuously. And flawlessly.
And to top it all, we are now getting lesbian “How you doin?” (You know, like Joey from Friends?) messages on Facebook. We are chick magnets. Sorry, but we just don’t swing that way.

Anyway, the point of this post is nothing. I have no point to make. I just want French fries, a pet dog, a piglet, world peace and a decent boyfriend. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently yes. And as I have mentioned before, the entire fucking cosmos is laughing at us. Continuously. And hysterically.