Tattoos and Bad Haircuts

I just realised, I never told you guys that I have two tattoos! Well, I do. Got them about a year or so ago. Here they are, excuse that bad picture quality.


Thats the first one. No, it’s not because I’m a Linkin Park fan. Just that the phrase from the song kinda stuck and I completely believe in it. It’s true, the little things do give you away, you can never hide something forever.  The second one says Alis volat propriis, which means she flies with her own wings. Why is it in Latin? Because the first one was in English and people read it and kept asking me what it meant and I got really irritated. I mean, it’s in English!! If you can read it, you should be able to comprehend it! So I got the next one in Latin because they were gonna ask what it meant anyway, so might as well make their question seem a little intelligent. A least this time they would have a reason to ask. Hence, the Latin tattoo.


Weird thing was, people always say that tattoos in bony areas hurt more than tattoos in fleshy areas. It was the opposite for me. The tattoo on my back hurt waaaay less than the one on my leg. In fact, after the first one, I was so happy to learn that tattoos don’t hurt that I told everyone that they should get one, because they don’t hurt! Then while getting the second one, it hurt so bad that I spent the entire time texting everybody that if I ever tell them that tattoos don’t hurt, NOT to believe me cuz they hurt like a rabid bitch. Because it did. Anyway, I’m gonna get a third one soon! A Phoenix this time, on my back. I’ll post a picture when I get it done!
Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, I got the worst haircut ever in the history of worst haircuts ever. I already had short hair, but it was becoming kinda uneven so I went for a TRIM. But obviously, the dude had an epileptic fit while giving me the trim because my hair is now shorter than ever. And I cried. Literally. I don’t understand why these hairstylists just refuse to listen to what I want them to do!! Why do they have to exhibit all sorts of creativity one would need to design sodding crop circles, on my head? I hate hairstylists.


How NOT to Bake Cookies

Yesterday, at around 1 AM, I had this sudden urge to bake cookies. Now that was a bad idea for several reasons. The topmost  being that I can’t bake cookies. Not to mention the several kitchen disasters that I have had till date, like the capsicum incident and this one occasion where I had tried to microwave rice and it came out completely charred and the “microwave safe” bowl was sporting a hole.

So anyway, I lugged my ass out of bed and dragged it to the kitchen and took out all the ingredients. I did not even drop anything! Well, except a teensy bit of flour. But we shall have to overlook that. Anyway, then I mixed all the stuff, following the recipe to the T (except when the dough became too runny so I just added another cup of flour and then a cup of sugar to balance it out), and shoved it into the microwave. Easy peasy, right?

Wrong. It was seven different kinds of disasters. First, the microwave started  making sounds like a dying walrus. I don’t even know how it managed that! Then, 8 tiny cookies almost expanded into one huge giant cookie. When I opened the microwave a cloud of smoke greeted me, along with a deliciously burnt smell. And my beautiful cookies looked like animal droppings. I’m not even kidding. See for yourselves.


Even holding one in front of pretty flowers did not make it look nice.


So, the first batch was a complete disaster. In the next batch, I added loads of chocochips to the dough and baked it for 30 minutes instead of 15, as per the recipe. And the result was AWESOME! But I still didn’t manage to control the random expansion  so I just made one giant cookie and broke it into 5-6 pieces! 😀 The cookies came out really well, actually. My brother and father and neighbors loved it! My mother is at her mother’s place at the moment, so she missed my cookies, which I shall now consider to be the best thing to grace the earth with it’s presence since blueberry cheesecake! Here, look at my giant cookie!! 😀
Awesome or what? 😀

Look, people!!

My mother made me a sweater jumper whatever the hell it is that you call it there where you live!


So anyway, what’s up? It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything new. Right? I think so anyway.. Oh! My French results are out! I got a very sucky 68% 😛
For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I took a crash course in French. I gave my viva, which was disastrous and the written exam pretty much sucked too. I made up as many French sounding words that I could and, well, THAT was that.
Ah well, I have to go and complete my project now. Not project exactly, file work for the experiment that we had to do for psychology. Nothing interesting. I honestly don’t know why I even wrote this post. -_-

Je ne sais pas comment parler français!

Today, I had my French viva. And oh god, I messed it up so bad! Mostly because I had no idea what sir was saying. I did not even have any idea of what I myself was saying!
My college has these enrichment courses, one of which was French. I wanted to learn French so I enrolled for the French classes. It’s a 40 hour course, a crash course basically. It’s supposed to help me survive in France without sounding like a nimrod. It stresses more on vocabulary than grammar. So anyway, I had my viva today. And it was disastrous. He asked stuff like what my name is, my nationality and hobbies and where I live and all. Them, I could answer easily. Then he gave me a couple of nouns and I had to frame questions with them and ask him! I screwed that up so bad! He then asked me who my favorite author was. At least I think that’s what he asked me… I mean, I couldn’t figure out what the hell he was saying! The first time he asked me that, my reply was, “eh?!” He repeated the question and all I could say was, “er….”
He had to repeat the question 7 times in 7 different ways before I finally understood what he was saying!
Il a été catastrophique… Please pray that I do a little better in the written exam. 😛