College, Weight Gain and Pikachu’s Nutrition Chart

Hello, people of the blog world! Long time no see! Cuz I’ve been a lazy bitch. But oh well. I’m back!

So, I’m in college now. And its an all girls college. I swear to God, only India can come up with these things… So obviously, my college has no guys. NOT a SINGLE one. Girls everywhere. Look right, you see girls. Look left, you see girls. Its a guy’s heaven. But it gets a little tedious for the eye after a couple of days. The only guys I’ve seen on the premises are janitors. But anyway, I’ve made some friends. And they’re a nice bunch. A little different from the people I’m used to, but nice all the same. Very sweet. And very innocent. And, since I’ve spent my entire life in coeducational institutions and as a result my mind has taken up permanent residence in the gutters, I got the mother of all culture shocks. But I’m getting used to it now.

Now about the college. Its got a million and one rules. And mind numbingly boring teachers. For e.g. one of my psychology teachers has SUCH a monotonous voice that I swear I try to listen, I do, but I sort of get lost in my own world after a couple of minutes. Then there’s another one whose patent dialogue is, “stop talking, girls!” She gives the word annoying a whole new meaning. And she doesn’t teach squat. She looks into the book, reads a sentence out, looks up, says the exact same thing again. Not one word out of her own mind. When she does attempt to discuss something, she goes into tangents and wastes half the class.I swear I won’t be surprised if she starts discussing Pikachu’s nutrition chart.¬†She’s just that weird. All my teachers are just about bleh. Plus I’m beginning to gain weight like a pig since there’s a McDonald’s and a KFC about 100 meters from my college.

Basically, my college life is depressing. Very much so. And I’m feeling very extremely sleepy now. So I’ll go sleep. And get back to the blog in a couple of days. Ciao!