Just a Little Something You Shouldn’t Bother Reading.

So I am in class right now. And we are studying Arms and the Man. Well, the rest of the class is. I am typing this. Its just so bloody boring! Not the play. The way ma’am is teaching it. I mean, its amazing really. How these teachers make me want to slip into coma. Or something. Even Facebook has nothing interesting to offer. -_-
Bloody hell.

the view outside is so pretty! Or id like to pretend so. I can just see coconut trees and a couple of kids. And there’s still 15 more minutes to go. And then I can go hoooome!

Well. It was nice whining on the world wide web. Bye for now! I think the teacher can see me. If so, im screwed.

Ah, well.


Was It You or Yew?

I so hate it when people write stuff like “mah” instead of “my” or “yew” instead of “you” or “ua” instead of “your” and all… I mean, the purpose of writing incorrect spellings of words (MUST you? :-/) is to shorten the words while you are typing. Like writing “u” instead of “you”. But writing “mah” instead of “my” totally defeats the purpose! You are writing an extra letter! And you sound like a moron as well. And words like “yew” and “meh” and “gawd” and “baws” and “hawt”! Jesus Christ, stop! It does NOT sound cool (or like they would write,”kewl”)! It sounds completely retarded! It makes me want to throw a dictionary at your face, actually. What is wrong with you people?! Do the world a favor and go back to kindergarten. Please.