Birthday, Whiskey and a Budding Stripper

Hello! I am back after ages. Well, not really. But, whatever. I don’t really have anything new to report. Other than the fact that my exams got postponed AGAIN!! I am still stuck in first year and I’m convinced that I’m gonna be stuck here till I’m thirty. And I’m so royally bored of staying at home! I haven’t attended college since May!!  It’s quite tragic, really.
Oh, I got drunk recently, on my best friend Ritwika’s  birthday. On 4-5 pegs of whiskey. It was…. Interesting.  Apparently I talked about a movie, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, for an hour or two. Insulted it through and through and insulted the director as well. Called him “shtupid” and I dunno what else. And I also likened the actress in the movie to Metrogyl, a medicine for loose motion. And I told everyone I love them, after slapping and scratching them, apparently. Aaaand there was this episode of begging for my phone to message someone. And I did. And that was…um…interesting. To say the least.  Let’s leave it at that. Oh, I also puked and Ritwika and her elder sis changed my clothes twice and I swear I don’t remember it.

After that day, however, I have decided that I never want to get sloshed. 😛


Anyway so, since my exams are not happening and I have all the intensions to burn all my notes in front of the university gate, I have decided to give up college and become a stripper. Or a pole dancer. But that would require dancing skills, heels and a pole. Not happening. So stripper it shall be. I’ll have to move to some other country, though.

I want cupcakes and a haircut. And a million dollars. Okay, bye.