I Have Not Been Kidnapped, Murdered or Sold To Slavery!

The random female is back! I mean me. Long time no see! Probably because I have not been posting much. Or at all. Because I am lazy and am about to come up with about three excuses for not posting, none of which actually hindered my posting. Anyway, so since I have been AWOL, for reasons not mentioned, a lot has happened. I managed to pass my first year of college, for one! I actually managed to pass! Even though I studied for like, one day, I kid you not. But whatever, I am officially in second year. Which is also about to get over in about 5 months or so.

My not-a-relationship with Mexican Chocolate (remember him?) is going pretty well… I have passed the oh-my-god-i-just-know-you-like-my-friend-and-are-going-to-ask-her-out-soon-thus-you-are-alienating-me phase. It was not a pretty phase. I made sure we fought too much and cried like a corporation water supply tank. But it is over now, it is sunny with chance of kisses in NotARelationshipVille. I am happy now. At peace with my ass-biting insecurities that are now dormant.

As  far as college is concerned, it is not getting over fast enough. My selection exams are going on and I am going to fail each of my 7 papers because, I HAVE A PUPPY!!!! You read that right, I have a puppy! She is a Labrador, a black Labrador, named Mickey. She is two and a half months old and pees like there is no tomorrow. She pees 17 times a day, shits 4 times a day. She eats plastic, remote controls, slippers, shoes, tables, walls, leaves, clothes, bags, hair that is preferably attached to one’s scalp, bed sheets, books, newspapers and occasionally proper food. Her effed up diet is the reason I will fail all my papers because every time I decide to sit with my books, she decides that she must eat something inedible and I have to chase her around the house, body slam her and forcibly extract the remnants of what used to be peace from her mouth. Life is hectic at the moment. But I love her! And she loves to chew my hair and hand and clothes and shoes, so I will take the liberty of concluding that she loves me too.


So anyway, I recently went to Delhi, Agra, Mathura and just touched Rajasthan during Christmas. I shopped looooads, for myself and friends, I saw historical monuments like Taj Mahal, Agra fort, Fatehpur Sikri and I ate dal makhni twice every single day. I gained weight, knowledge and clothes. I met my school friend in Delhi. We shopped, we ate, we drank (just a little bit), tried flavored shots (revolutionary stuff, I tell you!) and clicked so many pictures! And then we came back before new year. For new year I went  to a house party with my best friend, had fun, danced a little, blah blah blah. So, HAPPY NEW YEAR! What, I am only 15 days late… 😀

So, what did you guys do on Christmas and new year? Any new year resolutions? I refuse to make any since I never ever ever follow through anyway. Post the 5th of jan, all my resolutions are forgotten! So tell me about yours! And also tell me if you followed through last year’s resolutions… 😀

See you in some days!

p.s. thank you annamfranco, for following my blog recently! The notification I got in my mail informing me of the follow is what made me want to post again! So thank you! ^_^



The Pool, The Boy and The Laughing Cosmos

Life is kinda boring these days. I mean, college is closed for the moment since our exams are approaching. In July. And the university actually thinks that the students will actually study during the 2 months of study leave that they have scheduled for us.  Seriously, you’d think they were all born yesterday… But, anyway.
I am planning to get a second ear piercing done. And get my navel pierced. And get a tattoo. Wow, I’m my father’s little nightmare…

So anyhoo, what this post is actually about is my new crush. Yes, you read that right, I have a new crush! I don’t know what surprised me more, the fact that I actually managed to meet a guy being in an all girls college, or the fact that I actually managed to meet a decent guy at all! There’s a dearth of single decent guys in this city. If they are sweet and honest, they are taken. If they are sweet and flirty, they are probably dating 9 of your friends and you. If they are sweet, cute, flirty but honest, all at the same time, they are probably fictional characters. But I found one! And he’s real!!
We met at the pool. Yes, I swim. To lose weight. But I usually spend more time “chilling in the water” as he says, than I spend swimming.  So the losing weight part is not really happening. But anyway, we met at the pool, I developed a tiny crush on him, then we continued to talk and after the initial awkward conversations (I mentioned pee. Don’t even begin to ask. Really.) it was really quite perfect. He’s funny and sweet and single. And cute! But as my luck would have it, the pool closed down for 2 months because their filters broke down. Seriously, the entire cosmos is laughing at me. I just know it.

So anyway, he is also my mom’s student. My mom is a lecturer in Institute of Hotel Management (he wants to become a chef ). So, his exams were going on at that time, before the pool shut down, and he wasn’t going to the pool anyway. And obviously, neither was I. I mean, my sole incentive of going there on a regular basis was just not there anymore, so why bother? So, I went to my mom’s college instead, every evening, under the claims of meeting my mother because I was bored at home. Obviously I went to meet him. I mean, my mother comes back home after college, so why would I go to the college to meet her? So I met him everyday and my mother and her friend (who is like my second mother) obviously suspected that something was cooking. So every time they asked me about it, I denied it. Obviously. On the last day of his exams, however, they were convinced that something was going on. Because, I kept bugging them to come out with me to get a popsicle because I basically wanted to see if he was there or not  (also, I do like popsicles. Honest. But that’s not really why I had about 5 popsicles per day anyway… I basically had so many so that I would have an excuse to go out of the teachers’ room repeatedly and “accidentally” bump into him without seeming too suspicious to him or my mom an aunty) and I didn’t want to go alone because there would be other students too, and I don’t like crowds. And finally when aunty agreed to go with me after my mother flat out refused, we went out, got the popsicles and on our way back, we noticed him standing in front of the gate, talking to some teacher. And he obviously noticed us. Two minutes later, he came into the teachers’ room, where we all were, with some papers which he had to get signed by mom. After he went, my mom and aunty just looked at me and burst out laughing. When I protested against their suspicions and said that he only came in to get those papers signed, my mother told me that they were not even his papers, they were his friends’ papers so he did not need to come. But he did anyway.  Oh god, it was so embarrassing. And then later, I went out with aunty again and she kept saying that she knows that I’m only going because I want to see if he is there or not, which I vehemently denied, and while coming back, we noticed that he was still there. And the moment I stepped inside the college, he messaged me to come out (he was standing by his bike), and so I told aunty that I have to go outside for something and she was like, “ahaaaan, so he’s calling you to talk to hiiiiim?” I probably went red in the face, mumbled something and just ran out. Then I talked to him for like 15 mins or so and then I went back and we went home. The whole thing was really embarrassing.

So, I am tired of typing now, I will just tell y’all the rest of the story later! OKAYBYE!!

p.s. My tiny crush is now a HUGE crush.
p.p.s. Sorry for the horrible storytelling way but I’m really sleepy!

The Happiness Project, Week 4

And once again, I am extremely sorry that i missed the Sunday. My net went down… But here I am anyway, with the fourth and the last task! 
The last task is by far the easiest. or the toughest, if you are not comfortable with expressing yourselves. I, for one, am not. I would much rather sit on a stove and read a book than express emotions openly, entirely and honestly. So, as much as I hate doing this to myself, the last task is- Tell the people you love that you love them and how much they mean to you. Simple, right? Not so much. Just the thought of it makes me nauseous. 

Anyway, next Sunday (and I promise it WILL be on Sunday), I will post a picture of the bag I painted for my friend and the pebble as well! ^_^
Bye for now! 🙂

The Happiness Project, Week 2

So, it’s week two for our project! Did anybody do last weeks task? I sure hope so 🙂
The task for this week is- Give something handmade to someone! Make them smile, let them know they are special. It can be anybody! Your best friend or soul mate or boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, sister/brother, friend, mother/father, any relative or even your mailman! Anybody at all! And it doesn’t have to be something extraspecial or supercomplicated! It can be anything, a muffin or a card or a cute button glued onto a hairclip! Anything. Just make someone smile. 🙂

And then you can click a picture and upload it and leave me a link, or blog about it or keep it to yourself. Whichever you prefer, as long as you do it. You have time till next Sunday! Have fun, and don’t forget to smile! ^_^

P.S. Look at what my friend Ritwika and I did to him! He is Rahul, and he deserves a sainthood. 😀

Just remember Rahul, I loooove you! :DAnd you will be convicted with manslaughter charges if you kill me.

Just remember Rahul, I loooove you! 😀
And you will be convicted with manslaughter charges if you kill me.

I’m Trilingual! Almost.

My grandfather is worried about me.
If you didn’t know already, I’m from India. East India, to be precise. From the state West Bengal. I was born and mostly brought up in the capital of Bengal, Calcutta. My mother tongue is Bengali. But, I don’t know much about it. I can’t read it, I can’t write it (naturally), I can barely speak it. I can, however, understand what a person is saying, if I’m spoken to in Bengali. It’s shameful, really. I know. But in my defense, I was in another state when they started to teach us a third language (first being English and second being Hindi), so I learnt Sanskrit instead of Bengali and then when I got back to Calcutta, I just never got around to learn Bengali.
Now, my grandfather is worried that if a guy ever writes me a love letter in Bengali, how will I read it? I will not know what he has written in it. I won’t know whether he wrote that he loves me or that he thinks I’m an egotistic brat and there’s nothing appealing about me. Or if he wrote about eggplants. I’ll never know. If I ask somebody else to read and translate, it would not be personal and exclusive anymore.
Then my grandmom whacked him on the head with the newspaper, yelling about how he’s putting funny ideas in my head and how I’m too young to get a boyfriend anyway. My grandpa doesn’t agree, though.
I tried my best to explain to him that I won’t get involved with anybody who can’t write me a letter in English. It seems to have done the job for the time being.

My question is, how will I even get a boyfriend? One who writes love letters, at that. There’s a dearth of decent guys around me, as it is.

Oh, also, I noticed today that most of my blog readers are from India, USA and UK, in that order! And Philippines, Canada, Germany, Australia, Pakistan, Mexico, Malaysia, Kenya, Brazil, Kuwait etc, in that order. I was so happy to see that so many people from so many places tolerate the nonsense I spout 😀
So, thank you for reading! ^_^
You guys really make my day everyday!

People Are Pathetic

People pretend. People pretend all the time. People lie. People don’t trust each other. People have no faith. Instead, they hav egos. People hurt each other all the time. People are so careless with their words. People are selfish. They just do what they want. People step over each other to reach their goals. People don’t even respect their friends. People are insensitive. People are not loyal. They are cunning. They have double standards. Little or no morals. They are insecure. People dont respect each others’ wishes. People are pricks. And at times, people dont even give a damn about the people they love. Sometimes they cheat on each other. People are full of hatred, jealousy and all sorts of negative feelings. And people get bored easily. People are incapable of sticking to one thing. People refuse to put in any effort into whatever. People always blame each other. People hate apologizing. People don’t think about how their actions affect other. People don’t realize how their words might hurt someone.

What I’m trying to say is, people suck. No, not all of them. But many. And that’s why, the more I get to know people, I realize that I prefer dogs.

Capsicum. Yes, That’s What I’m Posting About Nowadays.

Today, while taking a shower, a thought came to me. Yes, I seem to do a lot of deep thinking under the shower. That, or sing. But only when nobody’s home. I don’t want to be blamed for anybody’s bleeding ears. I’m blamed for enough as it is.
But, back to my very significant thought. I realized, that when I was a kid, I despised capsicums. Absolutely loathed it. I used to make faces at it (and the cook) whenever it found it’s way to my plate. But now, I love it. I love capsicums. Maybe its a grown up thing or something. Or, maybe I simply learned to love it. So, my brilliantly significant deep thought is, that maybe that’s how it works for life! And people. Maybe, we just learn how to love people who get on our nerves as well! I mean, there are many people whom I used to hate, but now I don’t. They somehow managed to claw themselves through my last nerve right into my heart. Like they say, there’s a thin line between love and hate.
Ok, now my deep thought doesn’t sound so brilliant anymore.
Anyway, I guess I’ll just shut up then.
But wait! I just remembered something else! When I was just learnung how to cook, I somehow managed to explode a capsicum! Yes! Explode! It actually went BOOM! And then splattered all over the kitchen counter and refrigerator and chimney and shelves. It was not very easy to clean it. But exploding capsicum? So cool.

I can’t believe I just wrote an entire blog post about capsicums.