The Happiness Project, Painted Bags and Painted Hair! (Well, streaked hair, but “painted” hair makes the title sound nice!)

Okay so, the Happiness Project is over! And I will not lie, I could not do the last task :/ I just COULD’T bring myself to say it. I hope you could, though! And even though the project is over, I’m still gonna try to do the last task! Chances are, I’ll be trying for a long long time.
Anyhoo, here’s a picture of the bag I painted for my friend, Shreya! 



How is it? 😀

Anyway so, what’s been up with y’all lately? I’m bored as lamp post! Nothing new is happening in my life! except that I have started swimming again. So that I lose some weight and look good in that sexy (one piece) costume! 😛 But that aint happening anytime soon. OOOH, I got red streaks!! And I’m super excited about them!! See!!


Okay, maybe it doesn’t look supercalifragilisticexpialidocious here, but trust me, it is!!

Okay, I have  nothing else to update. So I’ll be gone now. Bye!!


The Happiness Project, Week 3

Sorry sorry sorry I missed a Sunday! Well, yesterday. I had an exam today and it completely slipped my mind! But anyway, I’m here now. 😀 So, did anybody do either of the previous tasks? I did! ^_^ I gave my friend a hand-painted bag, I painted the cartoon depiction of One Direction! She is a directioner. 😀 And so am I! ^_^ Anyway, the task for this week is very easy and will hardly take you 15 minutes to do! Paint a pebble. Paint a heart or a smiley or anything on a pebble and leave it outside, anywhere on the road or in a garden or somewhere, where someone can find it. It will make whoever finds it smile. 🙂

And as usual, you can write a blog post about it and leave me a link, or post a picture and leave me a link or keep it to yourself, whichever you prefer! ^_^

And next to next Sunday, that is the week after the last week of the project, I will also post pictures of the bag I made and the stone I will paint and of the last task, whatever I decide it to be! 😀