The Reign of the Duck Faced

Tell me something, what’s with all the pouty pictures? Do the ladies intend to look like a duck? Or is that just a coincidence? Half the female population clicks pictures of themselves with that ridiculous face! Its like an epidemic! They should just stop. I’m sure the other half of the female population, with sane minds and normal pictures would agree with me.
Seriously, if they are under the impression that pouting will make them look better, they should know that they’d look way prettier if they just smiled. Cuz lets face it, duck faces are not attractive. If they think that they need to look like an aquatic bird to look sexy, they should think again.
The least they could do is try to resemble a normal pleasant and happy human being when they take pictures. And while they’re at it, they should avoid holding the camera directly over their heads. Gives them ostrich eyes.

Or, on second thoughts, may be they should’t stop. I mean, if they do, what are we gonna make fun of? As much as the ridiculous face repulses me, I wouldn’t want to take away the source of entertainment and laughter from hundreds of people.