Who The Fuck is Alice?

Random post!
This happened way back. Like 3-4 years back.

One day, my dad asked me if I had heard the song “Living Next Door to Alice” by Smokie or not. And I hadn’t so he got very excited about the fact that he knew a cool song that I hadn’t heard and so he told me that he would download it for me.
Next day, he came home from office with a pendrive, looking oh-so-happy with himself. He plugged the pendrive into the…well…pendrive hole thingy in the music player (yes, I’m aware of how wrong that sounds. But I don’t know what its called!) and called me and announced that he got me the song and asked me to sit and listen to it.
Only, instead of the normal version, he downloaded the one where they go “Alice? Who the fuck is Alice?”. And he hasn’t realized it. Till he played it right then. You should’ve seen his face when that part started playing. He was like, “ummm…..” and I was all, “uh-huh. So this song, huh dad?”
It was epic.

Note to the non-Indian peeps: In India, even words like “make out” is censored. And the f word is basically a word you are not supposed to be aware of. Well, at least until you are 18. And parents are really sort of…. Conservative. Sort of. Not all of them though. Not mine at least. But basically, you aren’t supposed to use the f word till you grow up. And to most Indian parents, your little baby NEVER grows up. So, yeah.
Okay bye!


Hot Problems, Friday and Bleeding Ears

And just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse than Friday, Hot Problems punched you in the face.

Hot Problems is a pathetic attempt at a song song, sung by a tone deaf duo musical duo consisting of Drew Garrett and Lauren Willey. It was released on YouTube on April 15, 2012. On April 17, 2012, the “Hot Problems” music video was featured on the Internet humor blog Tosh.0 and several other news sites. The next day, the song was released on iTunes. Since its release it has been dubbed “the worst song of 2012″.
I mean, with lyrics like,” Please don’t get me wrong
I know that I’m hot
Textbook perfection really takes a lot
Weird guys call my phones
And girls call me names
Like Miley said “I can’t be tamed”
Hot girls we have problems too
We’re just like you, except we’re hot” what do you expect? Are these guys for real? Looks like Rebecca has some competition…

Since the release of Rebecca Black’s Friday on March 14, 2011, Hot Problems has been the only song to reach that level of I-Wouldn’t-Even-Dare-To-Sing-This-In-My-Bathroom-In-Fear-Of-Causing-Mass-Genocide-ness. Both these songs have resulted in bleeding ears, worldwide. Hot Problems has earned enough “dislikes” on YouTube to give Rebecca a run for her money.

However, the best part of this attempt of mass destruction through a viral video is that these girls wrote this song as just something funny to show their friends, or so they claim. They say that they know they cant sing and that they are not hot. Atleast they wote this song as a joke, unlike a certain girl in a dilemma of chosing a car seat.


Aint Sheldon the cutest EVER?

Now, let us all just hope that Ms. Black does not take this as an open challenge and come up with a song of her own as an answer to Hot Problems…