Rabid Rooster, Malicious Microwave and Totally Terrific Tinker Bell!

Hello people!  I have two incidents to tell you about! One is a rooster incident and the other one I JUST forgot.  Hopefully it will come back to me while I type the rooster incident up.

So, my friend Aaheli was chased by a rooster. I kid you not. There was a rooster in front of the staff residential quarters of IHM (Institute of hotel management, for those who are not familiar with my blog :P). Why the rooster was there is beyond me, apparently it’s a pet. Why someone has a pet rooster in a college campus is once again, beyond my comprehension.



So anyway, I went closer to him, completely amazed by his presence, and decided to click a picture. After clicking a couple of pictures, I decided to pet him. Aaheli was quietly standing, far away from me and the rooster. As I went closer to him to pet him, HE KICKED ME. He KICKED me and fell down! And I got scared so I ran! I ran behind Aaheli and he chased me! However, after I hid behind Aaheli, he decided to peck her instead. Because going all the way around her to peck me was a little too much exercise for him, I guess. So, he pecked Aaheli a couple of times, after which she gave up trying to shake him off and ran. Screaming all the way.  Ran for almost 50 meters and the rooster chased her all the way! I just sat down where I was standing and laughed and laughed till I couldn’t breathe! Finally the gardener saw her and threatened the rooster with a hose and the rooster came back, upon which I staggered away and hid behind a car. It was hilarious. I laughed for the rest of the day and she just huffed about the injustice of the whole thing, grumbling about how I was the one harassing him and how she had done nothing but stand there. It was HILARIOUS. I wish I recorded it. But I was too busy trying to breathe!

I have still not managed to remember what the second incident was. 😛

Oh oh, it was Shreya’s  birthday on 24th and I baked a red velvet cake, which did not really taste like a red velvet cake. (No, this is not the second incident.) But she loved it anyway. So, I’m happy. 😀 The cake actually looked pretty amazing after I baked it. Then by the night, the sides had become biscuit so I had to cut off the sides, so it became really tiny. I blame the microwave oven. And then I drenched it in chocolate sauce and made it all pretty with gems and tiny silver balls. Here, look!     


Oh, my exams are fast approaching now. Finally. All my friends have started studying. I don’t know where half my notes are and I’m not even trying to look for them yet. I’m so gonna end up in deep shit. Oh, well.

Oh, have I shown you my new tattoo?? It’s tinkerbell!! Because she is my favorite Disney character! She is a magic, she is pretty, she falls in love with the wrong people (i.e. Peter Pan), she gets jealous, she makes wrong decisions, she makes mistakes, but she manages to do the right thing in the end anyway. And I love her. ^_^



Okay, bye. 😀


Tattoos and Bad Haircuts

I just realised, I never told you guys that I have two tattoos! Well, I do. Got them about a year or so ago. Here they are, excuse that bad picture quality.


Thats the first one. No, it’s not because I’m a Linkin Park fan. Just that the phrase from the song kinda stuck and I completely believe in it. It’s true, the little things do give you away, you can never hide something forever.  The second one says Alis volat propriis, which means she flies with her own wings. Why is it in Latin? Because the first one was in English and people read it and kept asking me what it meant and I got really irritated. I mean, it’s in English!! If you can read it, you should be able to comprehend it! So I got the next one in Latin because they were gonna ask what it meant anyway, so might as well make their question seem a little intelligent. A least this time they would have a reason to ask. Hence, the Latin tattoo.


Weird thing was, people always say that tattoos in bony areas hurt more than tattoos in fleshy areas. It was the opposite for me. The tattoo on my back hurt waaaay less than the one on my leg. In fact, after the first one, I was so happy to learn that tattoos don’t hurt that I told everyone that they should get one, because they don’t hurt! Then while getting the second one, it hurt so bad that I spent the entire time texting everybody that if I ever tell them that tattoos don’t hurt, NOT to believe me cuz they hurt like a rabid bitch. Because it did. Anyway, I’m gonna get a third one soon! A Phoenix this time, on my back. I’ll post a picture when I get it done!
Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, I got the worst haircut ever in the history of worst haircuts ever. I already had short hair, but it was becoming kinda uneven so I went for a TRIM. But obviously, the dude had an epileptic fit while giving me the trim because my hair is now shorter than ever. And I cried. Literally. I don’t understand why these hairstylists just refuse to listen to what I want them to do!! Why do they have to exhibit all sorts of creativity one would need to design sodding crop circles, on my head? I hate hairstylists.

My Bucket List!

My exams are over and I’m left with one and a half months of doing nothingness valuable time to spend wisely before college starts. But since I don’t exactly have any wise thing to do to spend my time wisely, my friend Aaheli and I have made a Bucket List. Why? ‘Cause we’re all going to scatter all over India or evn the world in a couple of months and then we wont be able to meet regularly and that will just suck. So, to spend as much time together as possible, we came up with this brilliant idea. Also, it seemed like a wise fun thing to do. So anyway, I’ll stop yapping not waste your time anymore by my cockamamie babble talks and launch into our Oh-So-Brilliant list of things to do.

#1 Get a job.
Let me tell you something, in India, the chances of getting abducted by aliens in bikinis is higher than the chances of somebody actually employing high school pass-outs. Even for a part time job. Why? Don’t ask me. Maybe because they think all teenagers are drug addicts or alcoholics. Or irresponsible. Or something. I don’t know. But, whatever the reason is, it sucks. Therefore, we will probably not be able to check this off the list. But oh, well…

#2 Learn how to drive.
Aaheli is already 18 and I will be 18 in June, so, Hello driver’s license!!
Well, as soon as I learn how to drive a car without causing mass genocide.
Or maybe I should just stick to the Flinstone’s kinda car… Yes!

#3 Roam around Park Street, Camac Street and Elgin Road on foot, and window shop!
Why? Because it’s fun. Also, it will burn some calories off. Which can only be AWESOME.

#4 Visit the Victoria Memorial.
Because even after living in Kolkata for so many years, we have never seen what’s inside the Victoria Memorial. Shameful, I know.

#5 Go to Nicco Park.
To all my non-Indian and non-Kolkatan peeps, Nicco Park is an amusement park! I’ve been there a million times but Aaheli has never been there, so we have to go there before we leave this city!

#6 Movie marathon. (sitcoms allowed!)
Because there’s nothing better than watching TV all day long! Atleast for one day.

#7 Shit craft on bags.
No, not really crap on bags. That’s just disgusting. What we have actually planned to do is, design a bag. Well, just decorate it actually. We bought plain solid colored bags and we plan to paint it and glue stuff on it to make it look pretty and then sell it on the net! You know, get in touch with our crafty side, ’cause we’re both good at artsy and crafty things..

#8 Get a library card.
Simply ’cause we don’t have one already.

#9 Go to the zoo!
Because we have not been there for so long! I’ll just have to be a little careful and make sure that the zoo people don’t shove Aaheli in one of the cages, thinking that she’s an ape or something… Lol!

#10 Go to the National Library.
Because even though we live in the city that houses the national library,  we have not been there. So we absolutely HAVE to, before we leave the city. ‘Cause we are self conffessed book worms. Well, Aaheli, totally but me, sort of.

#11 Go to a night club
Because, in India, teens are just not allowed to go out after it gets dark. Atleast not the girls. But since Kolkata has some awesome discs, we just have to go there, don’t we? 😀

#12 Paint Aaheli’s room.
Because she is SO in love with Anime chacters, we will paint them on her walls!

#13 Write a story together on Wattpad!
Because we are both interested in writing! And also because she is an AWESOME writer! In fact, you should check out her blog! It’s called Thoughts Of A Venus.

#14 I’ll get a tattoo and break Aaheli’s hand.
Because she wont be getting a tattoo, and I will be, and she will be watching and laughing several body parts off while I will probably be screaming in agony. So it’s just fair to make her scream in agony as well…

#15 Take a video and make ScrapBook of us completing our Bucket List.
Because we couldn’t leave our list at fourteen and needed a 15th task. Also, because we should have some record of this entire thing.

And, that’s it. Lets just hope we get around to completing at least 10 of the tasks.
Oh, and notice how “lose weight” and “get a boyfriend” is not a part of our list. We tried to keep the list as realistic as possible.