I Can’t Come Up With an Appropriate Title

Initially, I started this blog for the feeling of animosity it gave me. In this big wide world, I’m a nobody. As of now. Nobody knows me and nobody knows of me either. Other than my friends and family and people who…um… Know me! In the world wide web, nobody knows me, nobody cares about who I am, what I am, where I’m from, what I do and what I’m here for. I have no identity. I’m just a needle in an entire barn. And I love it. In this blog, I can write whatever I want and to the world, I’m just a username. And since I find it easier to express my feelings through written words rather than spoken ones, this blog is a bloody boon.
There are so many things I’d like to say to so many people. Okay, not too many people. Just a few. But I don’t/can’t. For various reasons. One of the major ones being I’m just extraordinarily crappy with expressing my feelings. But sometimes I just dont want to let people know what im feeling. Like when I have a crush on someone. I’d rather Facebook stalk the person than talk to him. Because I say the most weirdest things ever when I try to talk to someone I like. So it’s more like self preservation.
And then there are times when people hurt me with their careless words. I never let them know that they hurt me, because I believe that if you let someone know how much he/she affects you, it just makes you vulnerable and that much easier for the other person to screw you over. But then again, that’s just my twisted logic. And then there are instances when I get ridiculously insecure. I’m a very Very VERY insecure person. But usually, insecure people constantly look for reassurance. I don’t do that. I believe that my insecurities are my problem and not somebody else’s responsibility to take care of.

So anyway, basically, I love how this blog lets me vent my feelings, my anger, frustrations, insecurities etc. I love the fact that I can write whatever I want to and nobody will give a damn. Unless of course I’m hurling abuses at random groups of people. Which I dont plan to do. But this feeling of animosity is not there anymore. Far too many of my friends know about my blog (due to my shameless bid for attention and because I publicized it on Facebook). So now if I write something about someone, chances are he/she will read it. And with my luck, he/she will also realize that I’m writing about him/her. Then the entire purpose of writing it here instead of directly telling them is defeated. I know a possible solution to this is making a new blog, but I’m far too lazy to maintain two blogs. I can barely maintain one!

But anyway, here’s a funny picture to make up for the utter rubbish you had to read till now.


The Awkward Moment When Thirty Camels Are Running Towards You

Recently, it has been brought to my notice that I have a tendency to respond to some things like an absolute airhead. You know, like the kind that if a flower pot breaks on my head, I’ll probably say something like, “Ooh! Lookie here! Flowers are growing on my head!”
Okay no. I’m exaggerating. Honest.
But that’s not what this post is about. I mean, really, I’m not gonna dedicate an entire blog post to my occasional dumbness.
This post is about something really weird that once happened to me. Why? ‘Cause I have nothing new to post about.

After tenth grade, one of my friends, Raghav, shifted to Rajasthan, India. Rajasthan is a desert, not the kind with nothing but sand till the horizon though. It’s like a proper town. But since it’s a desert area, camels, peacocks, monkeys etc are very common there. So before he went, I made him promise to send me a camel from there. As a joke, obviously. He too agreed to it. Months went by and whenever he called me up from Rajasthan, I always complained about the fact that I had still not recieved my camel, and he would always say that he has already sent one, it’s just taking time because its coming here on foot, and walking so many hundred miles would obviously take time.

After a few more months, he came back to Kolkata. We had planned to meet the next day, after he had arrived. So, the next day, while my friend Aaheli and I were on our way to the mall where we had agreed to meet, believe it or not, we saw thirty odd camels running down the road, towards the direction of my house. It was just far too amazing a coincident. We were flabbergasted. And by the time I recovered from the shock and amazement and decided to take a picture, most of them had passed us by and all I got was a picture of the butts of two camels.


Do you see it? Do you see the number of camels in front of these two? Do you? No? Okay.

When we reached the mall and met Raghav and told him about the camels, he exclaimed, looking all smug, that he had sent them for me and I should thank him. And some crap about how if we looked hard enough, we’d be able to see the stamp on one of the camels’ butt which he had put so that I could recognize my camel.
Till date, I do not know where the camels went, but they were most definitely not waiting for me at my house!
Weird or what? I mean, thirty odd camels! Imagine that!