Things EVERY Girl Should Know

So EVERYBODY under the sun knows about the Bro Code, right? Well, almost everybody. But has anybody ever heard of the chick code? Is there a list of chick code? I don’t know. I’m sure there must be, because I cant be the only one who ever thought about making one. I mean I’m awesome, but not THAT awesome. Hehe.
So anyway, since girls are much more bitchy complicated than boys, we need a set of rules more than the guys do. Not that I’m trying to insult my own gender or anything.

The Bro Code has rules like “Bros before hoes” and… um… That’s the only rule I’m familiar with. So the rules for girls that I came up with is somewhat similar. Oh, and the rules only apply to girls with female best friends. So, here goes-

1. Chicks before dicks. Yes, a total copy of sorts. But this is the fundamental rule all girls should be aware of. And chicks is an umbrella term for best friends, good friends, close friends. Sisters too if you like them.

2. You do NOT go after your best friend’s ex, crush or the guy she is interested in at the moment. Cardinal rule. Do NOT break this rule if you value your friendship.

3. You should never let all your friends drink together when outside. At least one of them should remain sober. More often than not, it’s gonna be you. Hah. Sucker.

4. Do NOT let your friend get her boyfriend’s name tattooed on herself. Because she WILL regret it and it’s gonna be on your conscience. Forever.

5. If your best friend does something extremely stupid, make sure you do something stupid as well, to share the embarrassment.

6. If your friend falls in public and does not look like she hurt herself too bad, point and laugh hysterically. Eventually try to help her up, but burst out into new peals of laughter and continue to do so for 5 minutes. Then help her up.

7. NEVER forget to wish you best friend on her birthday. Always give embarrassing gifts that will earn her weird looks from her parents.

8. You may ditch your friends for a date, but just ONCE a month. Not more than that. If you are the ditched party, do not get angry. If you are the ditching party, make sure its not an important event like someone’s birthday.

9. If your friend acts crazy in public, you follow the lead. ALWAYS.

10. If your friend’s boyfriend is a douche, warn her. Try to convince her. But do not go out of your way to do so. She will get it eventually, so save yourself the grief and always keep a box of tissues, ice cream and your shoulders ready.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep adding as I think up of new ones!

p.s. Most of these rules were inspired by my best friends, Ritwika and Khushbu. 🙂

These two pole dancing retards here. No, they weren’t really pole dancing. We were in a bus.

They are actually very pretty people. And I sort of added this pic so they wouldn’t kill me for the previous one.

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