I Can’t Come Up With an Appropriate Title

Initially, I started this blog for the feeling of animosity it gave me. In this big wide world, I’m a nobody. As of now. Nobody knows me and nobody knows of me either. Other than my friends and family and people who…um… Know me! In the world wide web, nobody knows me, nobody cares about who I am, what I am, where I’m from, what I do and what I’m here for. I have no identity. I’m just a needle in an entire barn. And I love it. In this blog, I can write whatever I want and to the world, I’m just a username. And since I find it easier to express my feelings through written words rather than spoken ones, this blog is a bloody boon.
There are so many things I’d like to say to so many people. Okay, not too many people. Just a few. But I don’t/can’t. For various reasons. One of the major ones being I’m just extraordinarily crappy with expressing my feelings. But sometimes I just dont want to let people know what im feeling. Like when I have a crush on someone. I’d rather Facebook stalk the person than talk to him. Because I say the most weirdest things ever when I try to talk to someone I like. So it’s more like self preservation.
And then there are times when people hurt me with their careless words. I never let them know that they hurt me, because I believe that if you let someone know how much he/she affects you, it just makes you vulnerable and that much easier for the other person to screw you over. But then again, that’s just my twisted logic. And then there are instances when I get ridiculously insecure. I’m a very Very VERY insecure person. But usually, insecure people constantly look for reassurance. I don’t do that. I believe that my insecurities are my problem and not somebody else’s responsibility to take care of.

So anyway, basically, I love how this blog lets me vent my feelings, my anger, frustrations, insecurities etc. I love the fact that I can write whatever I want to and nobody will give a damn. Unless of course I’m hurling abuses at random groups of people. Which I dont plan to do. But this feeling of animosity is not there anymore. Far too many of my friends know about my blog (due to my shameless bid for attention and because I publicized it on Facebook). So now if I write something about someone, chances are he/she will read it. And with my luck, he/she will also realize that I’m writing about him/her. Then the entire purpose of writing it here instead of directly telling them is defeated. I know a possible solution to this is making a new blog, but I’m far too lazy to maintain two blogs. I can barely maintain one!

But anyway, here’s a funny picture to make up for the utter rubbish you had to read till now.


People Are Pathetic

People pretend. People pretend all the time. People lie. People don’t trust each other. People have no faith. Instead, they hav egos. People hurt each other all the time. People are so careless with their words. People are selfish. They just do what they want. People step over each other to reach their goals. People don’t even respect their friends. People are insensitive. People are not loyal. They are cunning. They have double standards. Little or no morals. They are insecure. People dont respect each others’ wishes. People are pricks. And at times, people dont even give a damn about the people they love. Sometimes they cheat on each other. People are full of hatred, jealousy and all sorts of negative feelings. And people get bored easily. People are incapable of sticking to one thing. People refuse to put in any effort into whatever. People always blame each other. People hate apologizing. People don’t think about how their actions affect other. People don’t realize how their words might hurt someone.

What I’m trying to say is, people suck. No, not all of them. But many. And that’s why, the more I get to know people, I realize that I prefer dogs.